2023 MSLC Recap

June 15, 2023

During the month of June, 6-4-3 DP Baseball families supported the Marietta Student Life Center (MSLC) in a big way! In all, 3 barrels of food and other products as well as almost 1,300 bottles of water and several gift cards were donated to the MSLC. Last year, 63% of students at Marietta High School (where the center is housed) were eligible for free and reduced lunch. Our efforts help these students, who may be dealing with food deficits at home, in a convenient and dignified way by allowing them to pack a bag of groceries to take home between classes. The MSLC is working to offer more healthy options for food and drink to combat students’ preference for junk food and sugary drinks. Gift cards allow the center to meet emergency needs beyond their supplies.

The Marietta Student Life Center strives to grow optimistic, self-confident, and purposeful graduates and to eliminate barriers to student success. The MSLC is now a fully staffed team of 5 who bring a wealth of knowledge, care, and experiences to serve its student population. From the hot shot athlete to the quiet, reserved student, the MSLC is a place for all! From teaching students how to cook for survival, proper auto maintenance such as changing tires and changing oil, to their targeted small groups, the MSLC tries to provide positive experiences for students. If you are interested in additional support for the MSLC, they welcome volunteers for the clothing closet and food pantry as well as donations of gift cards to Walmart and grocery stores.

The 6-4-3 Foundation’s board of directors thank the many wonderful and thoughtful donors who made this collection drive successful by dropping off bags of groceries or sharing financial resources!  The 6-4-3 Foundation’s board of directors also applauds the good work of the Marietta Student Life Center! 

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