14U Players Volunteer with Acworth’s Horizon League Baseball

May 17, 20240

One of the ways The 6-4-3 Foundation gives back to our community is through volunteer opportunities. This year, our increased focus on community service has led to several small projects with the idea that over time we will be able to make a big impact on the children and families we strive to serve. Most recently, the 6-4-3 family used their love of baseball to partner with Acworth’s Horizon Baseball League. The Horizon League provides children and young adults with developmental and physical disabilities the opportunity to participate in athletic events, develop lasting relationships among their peers, coaches, and parents and demonstrate to them that they are an important part of their community by creating an environment of inclusion for both the participants and their families.

Fifteen 14U 6-4-3 DP Baseball players volunteered for two Horizon League games on Thursday, May 9th. Coach Jake Pralgo coordinated the effort with the players and two coaches. In addition to those helping Horizon players, multiple family members were in the stands cheering everyone on. “It was an awesome experience and everyone seemed to have a blast,” said Pralgo. According to Horizon League coordinator Lauren Ham, they are generally able to play two innings during the hour-long time slot. Coach Pralgo said the boys worked at “6-4-3 speed” and were able to complete three innings in one game and four in the other! We are proud to be able to share the baseball bond with the Horizon League athletes.

The Horizon League is currently looking for volunteers for their summer kickball league on Tuesday nights in June and July. Reach out to Mary Litman at info@The643Foundation.org for more information.

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