June 4, 20240

In epic fashion, the 6-4-3 Coaches beat the 6-4-3 Seniors last Wednesday at Aviation Sports Complex in Marietta! Coach Zach Williams’ walk-off home run in extra innings put the coaches on top with a final match score of 4 – 3. The coaches also won the fundraising challenge raising almost $2,000. In all, the event raised $5,000 to help the foundation’s scholarship and grant efforts.

This year’s version of Coaches vs Seniors provided several layers of entertainment. Both teams were allowed to start an inning with a runner on second and took advantage of several Banana Ball rules to get more runners on base. Each team had the opportunity to round the bases on a walk and a couple of wild pitches resulted in hitters stealing first base. The Coaches used their extra run advantage to win the second inning. In between innings, 6-4-3 players ages 9 – 14 participated in several fun contests and the crowd got to hear from players and coaches. In the bottom of the sixth inning, Coach Brett Beasley was thrown out for trying to bunt! After the Coaches scored enough runs to win the final inning and force a tie, a skeleton crew of 3 defensive players came out for the seventh. In the top of the inning, the Seniors got an out before scoring a run which left a Coach victory one swing away.

Thank you to everyone who supported the event as well as our corporate partners. Better Baseball provided two dozen baseballs and the youth contest gift card prizes. Our friends at Chick-fil-A Roswell Road at Cobb Parkway supplied sandwiches for the concession stand. Publix and Costco Wholesale also contributed to make our fundraising successful.

Photos from the game can be found here and a recap video courtesy of Ken Young is on the foundation’s YouTube Channel.

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